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6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2015
Organization Consolidation And Presentation Of Financial Statements [Abstract]  


Unless the context indicates otherwise, references to “Galaxy Gaming, Inc.,” “we,” “us,” “our,” or the “Company,” refers to Galaxy Gaming, Inc., a Nevada corporation. “GGLLC” refers to Galaxy Gaming, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company that was a predecessor of the Company’s business, but is not directly associated with Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

Description of business. We are an established global gaming company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and acquisition of proprietary casino table games and associated technology, platforms and systems for the casino gaming industry. We are a leading supplier of gaming entertainment products worldwide and provide a diverse offering of quality products and services at competitive prices, designed to enhance the player experience.

Casinos use our proprietary products to enhance their gaming floor operations and improve their profitability, productivity and security, as well as offer popular cutting-edge gaming entertainment content and technology to their players. We market our products to land-based, riverboat and cruise ship and internet gaming companies. The game concepts and the intellectual property associated with these games are typically protected by patents, trademarks and/or copyrights. We market our products primarily via our internal sales force to casinos throughout North America, the Caribbean, the British Isles, Europe, Africa and to cruise ships and internet gaming sites worldwide. We currently have an installed base of our products on over 4,000 gaming tables located in over 500 casinos, which positions us as the second largest provider of proprietary table games in the world.

Revenues consist of primarily recurring royalties received from our clients for the licensing of our game content and other products. These recurring revenues generally have few direct costs thereby generating high gross profit margins. In lieu of reporting as gross profit, this amount would be comparable to revenues less cost of ancillary products and assembled components on our financial statements. Additionally, we receive non-recurring revenue from the sale of associated products.

We group our products into four product categories we classify as “Proprietary Table Games,” “Enhanced Table Systems,” “e-Tables” and “Ancillary Equipment.” Our product categories are summarized below. Additional information regarding our products may be found on our web site, www.galaxygaming.com. Information found on the web site should not be considered part of this report.

Proprietary Table Games. We design, develop and deliver our Proprietary Table Games to enhance our casino clients’ table game operations. Casinos use our Proprietary Table Games in lieu of those games in the public domain (e.g. Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, etc.) because of their popularity with players and to increase profitability. Our Proprietary Table Games are grouped into two product types we call “Side Bets” and “Premium Games.” Side Bets are proprietary features and wagering schemes typically added to public domain games such as poker, baccarat, pai gow poker, craps and blackjack table games. Examples of our side bets include such popular titles as Lucky Ladies, 21+3 and Bonus Craps. Premium Games are unique stand-alone games with their own unique set of rules and strategies. Examples of our Premium Games include such popular titles as High Card Flush, World Poker Tour Heads Up Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and Texas Shootout. Generally, Premium Games command a higher price point per unit than Side Bets.

Enhanced Table Systems. Enhanced Table Systems are electronic enhancements used on casino table games to add to player appeal and enhance game security. We include three products in this category: our Bonus Jackpot System, our Inter-Casino Jackpot System and our MEGA-Share.

Our Bonus Jackpot System facilitates a jackpot players can win by making a qualified wager.  The jackpot is awarded to a player (or players) upon obtaining a specific triggering event.  Our Bonus Jackpot System can facilitate either a fixed, adjustable or progressive style jackpot.

Our Inter-Casino Jackpot System leverages the abilities of our Bonus Jackpot System to connect and/or aggregate bonus or progressive jackpots from multiple casinos into a common network. We receive compensation by collecting a fixed fee or a transaction fee.

MEGA-Share is a game-play methodology invented by us that allows a player of one of our table games to share in the winnings of a jackpot together with other players. An example of this concept would be when multiple table game players are playing in a casino and one player obtains a winning hand entitling him or her to a jackpot.  This jackpot winning event will trigger a second MEGA-Share jackpot that is divided among all players who made a MEGA-Share qualified wager.

e-Tables. In 2011, we licensed the worldwide rights (excluding Oklahoma, Kentucky and the Caribbean), to the TableMAX e-Table system.  Simultaneously we obtained the e-Table rights to the casino table games Caribbean Stud, Caribbean Draw, Progressive Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Bonus and Blackjack Bullets. See Note 17. The TableMAX e-Table system is a fully automated, dealer-less, multi-player electronic table game platform.  These platforms allow us to offer our Proprietary Table Game content in markets where live table games are not permitted. Our e-Table product enables automation of certain components of traditional table games such as data collection, placement of bets, collection of losing bets and payment of winning bets. This automation provides benefits to both casino operators and players, including greater security and faster speed of play, reduced labor and other game related costs and increased profitability.  

Ancillary products.  In 2014, we entered into an exclusive license for the worldwide rights to a patented technology that detects invisible card markings.  With this technology, we developed SpectrumVision, which uses highly specialized and customized optics to see markings on playing cards that would otherwise be invisible or undetectable to the naked eye and surveillance cameras.  SpectrumVision will be leased for a monthly fee or outright sale.  Units sold may have a service contract issued in conjunction with the sale..