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SUBSEQUENT EVENTS (Details Narrative)

SUBSEQUENT EVENTS (Details Narrative) - Subsequent Event - USD ($)
May 06, 2019
Apr. 22, 2019
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Common stock redemption description The redemption of Triangulum’s shares was given effect pursuant to our Articles of Incorporation (the “Articles”), which expressly provide that if certain events occur in relation to a stockholder that is required to undergo a gaming suitability review or similar investigative process, we have the option to purchase all or any part of such stockholder’s shares at a price per share that is equal to the average closing share price over the thirty calendar days preceding the purchase. The average closing share price over the thirty calendar days preceding the redemption was $1.68 per share.  
Common stock redemption price per share $ 1.68  
Promissory Note    
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Debt instrument, face amount $ 39,096,401  
Maturity date May 05, 2029  
Interest rate 2.00%  
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Shares redeemed 23,271,667  
Revolving Credit Facility    
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Debt instrument maturity start date   Apr. 24, 2019
Debt instrument maturity end date   Apr. 24, 2021
Second Amendment of Credit Agreement | Term Loan    
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Borrowing capacity $ 10,000,000  
Debt instrument, description (ii) waive for a period of 180 days the breach of any covenant in the Credit Agreement that might occur as a result of the redemption.  
Debt instrument redemption period 180 days